Smoothie Sellers

Our Machine

Start selling smoothies without the hassle. We provide validated recipes, in bulk or prepackaged portions. UGo is a full service and low cost smoothie store that takes up less than 1 sq. ft.

Automatic Blend Sequence

Blend your smoothies to perfection and know when it’s done.

Immersion Blend Technology

Blend the smoothie right in our pods to eliminate waste.

Self-Cleaning 360° Jet Technology

No mess – guaranteed sanitary operation for your next smoothie.

Whisper Quiet Operation

Enjoy smoothies without the noise of traditional blenders.

Easy Setup

Plug into a 120V outlet. Water lines can be connected to storage tanks or a water tap.

Our Service

UGo is dedicated to offering you the highest quality service. Our trained professionals will provide you with immediate assistance and are available for onsite visits in under 24 hours.

Ingredient Restocking

Don’t go anywhere to make smoothies. We’ll take care of everything. All you have to do is sell smoothies.

Warranty & Repair

Parts are easily replaceable and our knowledgeable staff are there to help anytime you need it.

Training & Support

We offer training and info to your
staff and provide you with the
marketing material to sell
more smoothies.

UGo Pods

Fresher than Fresh: We source the highest quality frozen ingredients picked and flash frozen at peak ripeness, which ensures the highest density of nutritional value and the best flavour. It’s finally fast and easy to eat well!