What make UGo so great?

UGo smoothies are made with the highest quality ingredients and taste great! Here’s why:

All Natural

UGo smoothies are made with only fruit, vegetable, and plant-based ingredients. We never use any concentrates. Everything is straight from nature!


UGo has developed the healthiest smoothie recipes possible. Our smoothies have no added sugars, or dairy. Rest assured – everything that goes in our smoothies is exactly what your body needs.


Our smoothie machines can be placed anywhere, meaning that a smoothie is waiting for you just where you need it. Our system is also super fast and saves you the time of making a smoothie at home or waiting in line at a store.

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About Us

Our team has decades of experience developing engineering systems and food packaging equipment. Not only does our exec team include team leaders and former heads of engineering departments, we also have the critical knowledge of developing food-safe equipment.

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Morgan Abraham

Co-Founder and Product Developer

Morgan is an electrical engineer who graduated from McGill University. He built his first startup, designing computers for businesses and home users when he was sixteen. Since then he has been involved in developing technologies for electronic systems, medical devices and sustainable buildings.

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Mitch Schwartz

Co-Founder and Product Design

Mitch is an industrial designer with experience designing food packaging systems. Generally he specialises in user experience and design for manufacturing. While studying industrial design, he ran his own home theatre installation business. He also brings years of sales experience.

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Steven McKeown

Head of Automation

Steven has over 12-years of experience developing food packaging machinery. Steven was head of the automations and electrical department and a major food packaging company, responsible for the entire non-mechanical side of their machine development. He has over 10 years experience designing and developing firmware, software and electrical cabinets for primary and secondary packaging.

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